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     I am Michael Summers and I have been in the Men's clothing business since 1977.  I entered the business as a part time salesman in the first mall store in my town.  I learned how to dress windows, tailor pant bottoms, and merchandise a selling floor.  I have been a manager, buyer for both sportswear and tailored clothing and all around retail guru. 

    I went on the road as an assistant to learn the wholesale side of the business in 1991 selling Bon Vivant Suits, Tony Lambert Sweaters, Glen Oaks Slacks, and Tulliano Sportswear.  I hit the streets hard form Connecticut to Virginia getting my salesman's education the hard way!  I left that opportunity to begin selling ladies jeans for I.C. Isaacs under the BOSS label.  I traveled with them for only 8 months when I was offered a chance at my own territory, for the Men's and Women's collection of BOSS. 

    I made a name for myself in my new home of Fort Lauderdale, Florida and the Southeast territory.  I stayed with BOSS until it was no longer manufactured and then sold the new collection of Urban Expedition for I.C. Isaacs.  After a short run it also was no longer manufactured.

    I was asked to come back to Isaacs and handle the Girbaud line for them and once again I made my mark in the territory.  I had always known that something was not being addressed while selling the Girbaud line and found a connection in Peru with the Marquez family through one of my fellow reps. 

    I created a name from an Italian dictionary meaning Rich Guy and that name is Ricco Tizio.  It spoke to a need in the market that was still calling for "Hook Ups"  the product was launched 4 years ago and has today evolved into an international business with many facets.  It gives me a great source of pride to have been working in the industry that I love for over 30 years.  I have many new lines that I represent and I am certain that I have something that will fit in your store.  I look forward to working with you in the near future. 

         Thanks for taking the time to get to know my credentials.

                                                               Michael Summers 




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